Mentoring and Support

Mentoring and Support

Healthcare is an industry which is dependent on people.

People bring a variety of experience and perspectives to the workplace. This core strength can also create the workplace’s greatest vulnerability: conflict when different opinions, understandings and performances collide in an unhealthy way.

Fractured relationships at any level can impact upon the functioning of entire teams or departments and have the potential to put patients at risk. When conflict is not resolved, escalation results in the situation becoming less manageable.

If managed appropriately conflict can bring significant benefits to organisations and those working within them. 

Mr Hawthorne is an experienced trouble shooter and has the skills and experience to identify and apply the correct intervention at the right time to resolve conflict, address negative behaviours, including poor performance, and build relationships through constructive intervention.

A trained facilitator and mentor, Maurice actively seeks to support team recovery and improve relationships by rebuilding trust in order to find more productive ways of working. He has significant experience in managing change, particularly in relation to poorly performing practitioners and individuals. Using his considerable expertise in leading the ‘difficult’ conversations, Maurice can manage situations to diffuse tension and hostility, increasing productivity and the well-being of individuals, meaning organisations can be restored.

Mediation is a powerful intervention for individuals and teams experiencing conflict. It is also effective in disputes between organisations and their stakeholders. Mr Hawthorne has been retained by the Official Solicitor, NHS Trusts and Social Care to act as a mediator in disputes between relatives and hospital services in relation to recommended treatment. He has successfully been able to help those involved to talk through issues and find a way forward.

For a confidential discussion about how Mr Hawthorne might help you, please get in contact.

Coaching and Training

Mr Hawthorne can also demonstrate an impressive track record of mentorship and one to one coaching, based at an individual and organisational level in complex circumstances.

Maurice’s excellent communication skills have allowed him to work collaboratively with many stakeholders to formulate educational objectives and targets which promote patient safety at a strategic level.

His knowledge and skills in relation to the strategic planning of training and standards are not restricted to ENT, and Maurice has significant experience of examinations, including acting as a member of the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) EMQ panel for the GMC. The PLAB test assists the GMC to ensure that doctors who qualified abroad have the right knowledge and skills to practise medicine in the UK.

Trouble shooting investigations have included:

Quality of Outcomes Framework (QOF) fraud in general practice

Poor management in general practice

Suspected serial killer of nursing home residents by a general practitioner

Unacceptable levels of complications in orthopaedic surgery