Mr Hawthorne offers a range of services aimed at the delivery of safe and effective patient care. From providing an objective eye in court or regulatory proceedings to providing support for change, Maurice’s ‘hands on’ experience can make a difference.

‘We know what the problem is – we just don’t have the time to deal with it’

Management time is a precious commodity and one which can be in short supply. Solving performance issues is as time consuming as it is necessary. However, disproportionate expenditure of time on one issue can lead to problems elsewhere.

Having worked in the NHS and private sector Maurice Hawthorne’s clients benefit from the combination of his professional knowledge and skills gained from a lengthy career.   Working with government, professional and regulatory bodies has given Maurice a greater awareness of the detriment which can be caused by performance issues and the specialist skills and time which is necessary to deal with it effectively, in order to promote long term change.

To find out how Maurice Hawthorne can help you with performance issues allowing you to focus on delivering good quality patient care contact us. 

Medicolegal Services
Mr Hawthorne is regularly instructed by both defendant and claimant to provide advice on medico-legal issues (including injury resulting from road traffic incidents, noise exposure and clinical negligence).

Mentoring and Support
Mr Hawthorne is an experienced  Mentor, trouble-shooter and Mediator. He has significant experience in conflict resolution and managing change, particularly in relation to poorly performing practitioners and individuals.

Service Reviews
Mr Hawthorne has extensive experience in solving problems in services across the NHS and independently working with organisations and stakeholders to get the best possible results for patients. 

Responsible Officer
Mr Hawthorne provides advice for Responsible Officers and organisations upon how to maximise the things that can go right and minimise the things that go wrong.