Service Reviews

Service Review Expert

Maurice Hawthorne has a distinguished track record of conducting service reviews – both in ENT and other specialties in the UK and abroad.

Maurice can help organisations identify where to improve care whilst promoting a more productive, engaged and motivated workforce. Maurice’s advice can support commissioning decisions, improving outcomes for patients and organisations alike.

In order for a service review to deliver change, Maurice recognises that how organisations think work is being carried out may not be how it is actually done on the ground. When individuals circumvent procedures, policies and processes in order to get the job done – or managers fail to appreciate that what should be done is not what is occurring – then problems can remain invisible and change will not be delivered.

To break this cycle, when reviewing current practice against best practice, existing policies and national guidelines, Mr Hawthorne puts people at the heart of his approach. An understanding of how individuals interact with a system allows for a meaningful analysis to take place which, in turn, generates measurable and sustainable service improvement. In addition to improving the performance of the system as a whole by designing systems around people, those individuals experience increased motivation and job satisfaction leading to improved wellbeing and less days lost through sickness.

Maurice’s projects have included the following:

– Service review of National ENT services for the government of Malaysia, funded by the World Bank

– Adult Heart Transplant Services Review – Chairman of this Department of Health (DoH) review (unpublished)

– Review of ENT services for a North West Primary Care Trust (PCT)

– Review of Diabetic Foot services for a London PCT

– Review of five GP practices that had received contract breach notices

– Investigation of Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) fraud in a South London GP practice

– Team Leader for Performance Assessment for the GMC – undertaking both in and out of speciality performance assessments, including assessments of a plastic surgeon, a breast surgeon, a bariatric surgeon, a colorectal surgeon and several ENT surgeons

– Internal investigation of a poorly performing orthopaedic surgeon for an East Anglian Trust

– Investigation of an unusually high death rate in nursing homes within a PCT catchment in the West Country

Each service review is unique and so please contact Mr Hawthorne for a no obligation discussion about your service needs and problems.