Maurice Hawthorne

Management Profile

As a Medical Director and a Responsible Officer, Maurice Hawthorne has – during a career spanning more than three decades – gained hands on experience of creating the best possible environment to deliver high quality, effective and safe care to patients.

Having held a number of senior roles in the NHS, with charities and in education, Maurice understands the diverse challenges faced by practitioners and managers on the front line.

Maurice can demonstrate a proven track record in creating strategy and providing operational management support. He has extensive experience in complex conflict resolution, organisational reviews, culture analysis, independent reviews and investigations.

In today’s challenging conditions – by applying insight and creativity – Maurice works with clients to develop tailored strategies and practical solutions which ensure effective delivery of care.

Whatever the problem, he has probably been there!

Throughout the course of his career Mr Hawthorne has been actively involved in training, mentoring and supporting clinicians and teams not only in ENT but also in other fields of medicine, working within healthcare systems with a view to improving patient safety both in the UK and abroad.

Mr Hawthorne has taken an active role in regulation within healthcare including sitting as a panel member, providing independent expert advice to decision making bodies as well as defence organisations. He has extensive experience of conducting performance assessments.