Medicolegal Expert

The primary function of a medical expert is to assist the court on issues falling within that expert’s specialised field of knowledge.

Maurice Hawthorne prides himself upon the quality of the reports which he produces. His reports are free standing, which means in that the reader can identify the key Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) elements of the case, understand the impact of evidence available and reach a clear understanding of the issues in order that appropriate advice can be given to litigants.

Most importantly, the reports prepared by Mr Hawthorne are both independent and objective. Mr Hawthorne is regularly retained by both plaintiff and defense firms and organisations. He also undertakes work for insurance companies, including Zurich, Iron Trades, Eagle Star and Legal and General.

Mr Hawthorne prepares reports on a variety of ENT topics, including noise induced hearing loss, occupational rhinitis and medical negligence. As the Honorary Advisor to British Chrome and Chemicals (now known as Elementis Chromium), Mr Hawthorne acted as an expert in cases caused by exposure to chemicals, adhesives, and occasionally biological dusts, such as tea dust.

A special interest in balance disorders has led Mr Hawthorne to become involved in the preparation of reports arising from trauma. Reports on balance disturbances are often necessary in determining issues of employability and independent living.

Mr Hawthorne has significant experience of providing oral evidence to courts and other judicial bodies. He has shared this experience with other professionals through the provision of skill courses for expert witnesses run in conjunction with barristers’ sets and solicitors’ firms.

In order to ensure that his skills and knowledge remain current, Mr Hawthorne regularly attends seminars and conferences on relevant medicolegal topics.

To instruct Mr Hawthorne, please call his office on: 01325 288166, or email at:

Mr Hawthorne’s medicolegal curriculum vitae, including his terms and conditions of instruction, can be provided on request.

You may want to telephone Mr. Hawthorne’s office on 01325 288166 for pro bono case advice should this be deemed helpful prior to instruction.