Responsible Officer

Responsible Officer

Patient safety lies at the heart of what Responsible Officers do.

With wide ranging responsibilities and accountability for the conduct and performance of doctors from different specialties across an organisation, this is a uniquely challenging position.

How to distinguish between “difficult doctors”, who are a real problem, and doctors who are just “in difficulty” is just the starting point. 

From doctors who lack insight into their behaviour, to the doctor who is struggling with career progression, or a doctor who may be experiencing issues in their personal life which has had a negative impact upon their performance, all can find themselves in front of the Responsible Officer.

Responsible Officers are trained to care for patients, not deal with difficult doctors. With busy professional lives to manage, there may be insufficient time to tackle the problem and formulate a solution.

As a Responsible Officer himself, Maurice understands the challenges faced by Responsible Officers on a daily basis.

In a career spanning more than thirty years, Maurice Hawthorne can demonstrate an impressive record in tackling the “difficult doctor”. With gravitas gained through an impressive national and international career, he has the ‘tool kit’ of skills which are needed to investigate and manage often complex concerns in order to deliver effective solutions.  


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As a skilled mentor and trainer, with an impressive track record of coaching, Maurice works to support doctors to effect changed in behaviour for the benefit of organisations and individuals alike. 

Mr Hawthorne has worked collaboratively with many stakeholders to formulate educational objectives and targets which promote patient safety. His skills and knowledge in relation to the strategic planning of training and standards are not restricted to ENT.

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