Mr Hawthorne is happy to discuss potential claims with solicitors and offers a ten minute verbal discussion of a matter without charge prior to instruction. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please email Mr Hawthorne at private.practice@iodem.co.uk with an outline of the facts in question.

A short report can be provided which is unsuitable for disclosure but covers the main issues in a case. The cost depends on the amount of records to be reviewed but are usually between £500 and £600 +VAT.

General Fees:

Work done in preparation of reports                                   £200 per hour

Meetings with Counsel                                             £200 per hour

Consultation and Examination of Plaintiff                                  £200 per hour

Travelling Time (in sole connection with case)                               £100 per hour


Mileage (in sole connection with case)                                   £0.75 per mile

OR by First Class Rail

Court Attendance                                             £600 per 1/2 day

Additional fees:

Library Search Costs, and Photocopying                                 To be agreed on an individual basis.

Additional Tests Required (in relation to examination)                          To be agreed on an individual basis.

Accommodation                                             To be agreed on an individual basis.

Cancellation of Court Date (within one week of trial)*                          £600

*NOTE: If a court case is cancelled within 7 days of trial there will be a charge of £600 per day.

Costs Estimate:

Without seeing the volume of the records it is difficult to give an estimate of cost for a report. Assuming that the records do not amount to more than one lever arch file, it is likely that the causation and liability report would cost:

                                                    £800 + VAT (1 lever arch file)

                                                    £1000 + VAT (2 lever arch files)

                                                    £1200 + VAT (3 lever arch files)

Mr Hawthorne can supply estimates for individual cases on request.

Basic Report (routine noise induced hearing loss, whiplash, broken nose, or other minor
trauma), no relevant previous medical history and small volume of medical records.           £370-£700

Routine pure tone audiogram                                       £70

Routine smell tests                                            £70

Fibreoptic laryngoscopy (examination of throat)                             £190

'Did Not Attend' fee of £75 is levied if an individual does not attend at the appropriate time or cancels 5 working days before the appointment. Any cancellation must be supplied in writing.

Expected Timescale and Total Cost of Preparing Report

On receipt of ALL records needed to be consulted, and (if applicable) following any examination of the claimant, reports will be completed within 12 weeks.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable on receipt of Mr Hawthorne's report and payment can be made by cheque or electronic transfer (bank details can be obtained from Mr Hawthorne's private secretary) or by SAGE Pay.

For expert opinion on non-UK cases, please contact <> for a quotation.